MVP Awards

MVP Awards Presented by Intermountain Healthcare

The East-West Shrine Bowl honors one offensive player and one defensive player for their exceptional performance during the game. The William H. Coffman Award for Most Outstanding Offensive Player and The E. Jack Spaulding Award for Most Outstanding Defensive Player are given to the top two players on the field immediately following the game.

2024 MVP Awards Recipients:

The E. Jack Spaulding Award for Most Outstanding Defensive Player was awarded to Tulane defensive back Jarius Monroe of the West team.

The William H. Coffman Award for Most Outstanding Offensive Player was awarded to Southern Miss running back Frank Gore Jr. of the West team.

About the Most Outstanding Player Award Namesakes

E. Jack Spaulding was a captain in the U.S. Navy and was one of the organizers of the first East-West Shrine Bowl. William H. Coffman was the managing director of the East-West Shrine Bowl for 40 years.

Past MVP Awards Recipients

Year Name School Position
2022 Diego Fagot Navy Defense
2022 EJ Perry Brown Offense
2020 Benny LeMay UNC Charlotte Offense
2020 Luther Kirk Illinois State Defense
2019 Justin Hollins Oregon Defense
2019 Terry Godwin II Georgia Offense
2018 Daurice Fountain Northern Iowa Offense
2018 Natrell Jamerson Wisconsin Defense
2017 Trey Hendrickson Florida Atlantic Defense
2017 Eli McGuire Louisiana at Lafayette Offense
2016 Vernon Adams, Jr. Oregon Offense
2016 Mike Caputo Wisconsin Defense
2015 Za'Darius Smith Kentucky Defense
2015 Marvin Kloss South Florida Offense
2014 Jimmy Garoppolo Eastern Illinois Offense
2014 Ethan Westbrooks West Texas A&M Defense
2013 Nigel Malone Malone Defense
2013 Chad Bumphis Mississippi State Offense
2012 Lennon Creer Louisiana Tech Offense
2012 Nick Sukay Penn State Defense
2011 Martin Parker Richmond Defense
2011 Delone Carter Syracuse Offense
2010 Mike Kafka Northwestern Offense
2010 O'Brien Schofield Wisconsin Defense
2009 Michael Tauiliili Duke Defense
2009 Marlon Lucky Nebraska Offense
2008 Josh Johnson University of San Diego Offense
2008 Spencer Larsen Arizona Defense
2007 Daniel Bazuin Central Michigan Defense
2007 Jeff Rowe Nevada-Reno Offense
2006 Reggie McNeal Texas A&M Ofense
2006 James Wyche Syracuse Defense
2005 Alex Green Duke Defense
2005 Stefan LeFors Louisville Offense
2004 Ryan Dinwiddie Boise State Offense
2004 Brandon Chillar UCLA Defense
2003 Tully Banta-Cain UC Berkeley Defense
2003 Donald Lee Mississippi State Offense
2002 Deonce Whitaker San Jose State Offense
2002 Everick Rawls Texas Defense
2001 Leo Barnes Southern Mississippi Defense
2001 Steve Smith Utah Offense
2000 Marcus Knight Michigan Offense
2000 Erik Flowers Arizona State Defense
1999 Donnie Spragan Stanford Defense
1999 Joe Montgomery Ohio State Offense
1998 Anthony Bookman Stanford Offense
1998 Pat Tillman Arrizona State Defense
1998 Jim Nelson Penn State Defense
1997 Brian Manning Stanford Defense
1997 Matt Finkes Ohio State Offense
1996 Willie Brown Temple Offense
1996 Tommie Frazier Nebraska Defense
1995 Joey Galloway Ohio State Defense
1995 Brian Williams UCLA Offense
1994 Keith White Virginia Defense
1994 Jeff Garcia San Jose State Offense
1994 Jay Fiedler Dartmouth Offense
1993 Chuckie Dukes Boston College Offense
1993 Brett Wallerstadt Arizona State Defense
1992 Dana Hall Washington Defense
1992 Mike Pawlawski UC Berkeley Offense
1991 Brett Farve Southern Mississippi Offense
1991 Rob Thomson Syracuse Defense
1990 James Williams Fresno State Defense
1990 Tony Rice Notre Dame Offense
1989 Lewis Tillman Jackson State Offense
1989 Steve Atwater Arkansas Defense
1988 Ken Harvey UC Berkeley Defense
1988 Kenny Jackson San Jose State Offense
1987 Kelly Stouffer Colorado State Offense
1987 Tim McDonald UCLA Defense
1986 Jon Hand Alabama Defense
1986 Garry James Louisiana State Offense
1985 Randall Cunningham Nevada-Las Vegas Offense
1985 Garin Veris Stanford Defense
1984 Ron Rivera UC Berkeley Defense
1984 Joey Jones Alabama Offense
1983 John Elway Stanford Offense
1983 Paul Moyer Arizona State Defense
1983 James "Jim" Britt Louisiana State Defense
1982 Chet Parlevecchio Penn State Defense
1982 Dan Plater Brigham Young Offense
1981 Tim Clifford Indiana Offense
1981 Amos Lawrence North Carolina Offense
1981 Ricky Jackson Pittsburgh Defense
1980 Jacob Green Texas A&M Defense
1980 Joseph Rose UC Berkeley Offense
1979 Russell Davis Michigan Offense
1979 Don Bessillieu Georgia Tech Defense
1977 Spani Gary Kansas State Defense
1977 Gary Green Baylor Defense
1977 Doug Williams Grambling State Offense
1976 Chuck Muncie UC Berkeley Offense
1976 Kim Bokamper San Jose State Defense
1974 Gary Johnson Grambling State Defense
1974 Willard Harrell Pacific Offense
1973 Barty Smith Richmond Offense
1973 Bill Sandifer UCLA Defense
1972 Jackie Wallace Arizona State Defense
1972 Otis Armstrong Purdue Offense
1971 Dan Pastorni Santa Clara University Offense
1971 Willie Buchanon San Diego State Defense
1969 Brock Lee Washingtong Defense
1969 Dennis Shaw San Diego State Offense
1968 Gene A. Washington Stanford Offense
1968 Ron Pritchard Arizona State Defense
1967 Kevin Hardy Notre Dame Defense
1967 Gary Beban UCLA Offense
1966 Danny Talbott North Carolina Offense
1966 George Webster Michigan State Defense
1965 Aaron Brown Minnesota Defense
1965 Carl McAdams Oklahoma Defense
1965 Roger Staubach Navy Offense
1965 Tod Hullin Washington Offense
1963 Willie Brown UCLA Offense
1963 Vern Burke Oregon State Defense
1962 Hugh Campbell Washington State Defense
1961 Iles Buddy Texas Cristian Defense
1961 John Hadl Kansas Offense
1960 Don Meredith Southern Methodist Offense
1960 Tom Matte Ohio State Offense
1960 Lou Cordileone Clemson Defense
1960 E.J. Holub Texas Tech Defense
1958 Sam Williams Michigan State Defense
1958 Nick Pietrosante Notre Dame Offense
1957 Gerald Nesbitt Arkansas Offense
1957 Don Manoukian Stanford Defense
1956 Don Shinnick UCLA Defense
1956 John Brodie Stanford Offense
1955 Don Bailey Penn State Offense
1955 Garet Reichow Iowa Offense
1955 Matt Hazeltine UC Berkeley Defense
1955 Joe Long Stanford Defense
1954 Carlton Massey Texas Defense
1954 Robert "Bobby" Garrett Stanford Offense
1952 Tommy O'Connell Illinois Offense
1951 Victor Janowicz Ohio State Offense
1950 Kyle Rote Southern Methodist Offense
1949 John Panelli Notre Dame Offense
1949 Edward LeBaron Pacific Offense
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