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International Patient Ambassadors
Shriners Children's selects Patient Ambassadors each year to represent the healthcare system at local and national events. The ambassadors share their stories of perseverance and how Shriners Children's has made a dramatic difference in their lives.

International Patient Ambassador

Gianna, 15, was born with a rare condition called proximal femoral focal deficiency (PFFD), which caused her to be missing part of her left femur. Her parents knew they had to find the right specialized care for their daughter, and were grateful to learn that the orthopedic team at Shriners Children’s Southern California had the expertise to treat PFFD.

Juan Diego
International Patient Ambassador

Juan Diego, 18, was burned in an electrical accident when he was 13, leaving his hands seriously disfigured. He spent more than a month in the hospital in Honduras. When he returned home, he was completely dependent on others for even the most basic tasks. He could not take care of himself, go to school, or draw or play music, two of his passions.

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