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National Patient Ambassadors

National Patient Ambassadors
Shriners Children's selects National Patient Ambassadors each year to represent the healthcare system at local and national events. The ambassadors share their stories of perseverance and how Shriners Children's has made a dramatic difference in their lives.

National Patient Ambassador

Katherine’s life was turned upside down when she was involved in a car accident. At 16 years old she found herself fighting for her life. Suffering from severe burns on her left leg Katherine and her family found it difficult locating a medical facility capable of treating her injuries. Katherine’s family was then told about Shriners Children’s, Boston. With the help of her doctors and nurses, Katherine began the long and difficult road to recovery. Katherine loves playing college soccer for Northeastern University and is studying to become a pediatric nurse.

National Patient Ambassador

In the blink of an eye, young Parker’s life would forever be changed. Parker, his mother and younger brother were involved in a car accident that resulted in the loss of much of Parker’s right leg. It didn’t take long for Parker and his family to find Shriners Children’s Greenville and their prosthetic and orthotic specialists. With the help of a prosthetic limb, Parker is back in the game and playing the sports he loves.


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